Practical Info


The opening plenary will be held in the Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre (BDT), an amazingly preserved masterpiece of royal heritage.

Address: 65, Fontanka river embankment, St. Peterburg, Russia, 190031 

In the heart of Saint Petersburg, amidst historical sites and beautiful architecture, the conveniently located ITMO University Congress Area will welcome participants of the Conference.

Address: 9, Lomonosova street, St. Petersburg, Russia, 191002






Please check the cost of your Russian visa with the Russian embassy of your choice or preferred visa center‎.


Getting to St. Petersburg

By plane By train By bus
  • Newly built international airport Pulkovo (LED)
  • More than 200 international flights per day 
  • More than 40 airlines
  • High-speed Allegro train from Helsinki, Finland (3.5 hours) 
  • High-speed Sapsan train from Moscow, Russia (4 hours)
  • Overnight buses from Helsinki, Riga and Tallinn (7 hours)


  •  3-star hotel from 70€ per night 
  •  4-star hotel from 160€ per night 
  •  5-star hotel from 250€ per night 
  •  trendy hostels from 10€ per night 
  •  student dorms from 5€ per night 
  •  airbnb options, too

List of recommended hotels and hostels

Getting to your hotel

Uber, Yandex, and Gett taxi services will help you to get to your hotel from the airport, railway station or any other place in the city. Please DO NOT accept offers for a ride or hail taxis from the street!

The Metro is also a convenient means to get around the city!

Emergency contacts


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our conference coordinator Elizaveta Menis:  +7 921 389 3189 or